Why choose cosmetics from a Turkish dermatological laboratory!

Why choose cosmetics from a Turkish dermatological laboratory!

Beauty & Pharma Dermaceuticals cosmetics manufacturing experience extends 25 years of experience in carefully developing each product ingredient with pharmaceutical rigor and in collaboration with a committee of experts - scientists, chemists and dermatologists to provide consumers with quality and effective products.

These cosmetics can be said to be of a dual nature - only homeopathy or just pharmacy can always help. Here it works hand in hand according to these three principles:

            1. Efficacy - the use of all active ingredients in each product is proven in clinical trials.

            2. Quality - the products are produced in Germany and Turkey in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP).

            3. Safety - All products are subjected to a safety assessment with rigorous microbiological tests in accordance with current European legislation.

Each Beauty & Pharma Dermaceuticals product has its own specific mission - skin smoothing, acne treatment, cleansing, protection, or deep moisturizing. By choosing this type of cosmetics, it is possible to enjoy a professional level of care specifically for your skin type and needs. In the Beauty & Pharma Dermaceuticals cosmetics line, even the most capricious consumer will find the most suitable product - free of parabens, free of dyes, free of fragrances and excess mass builders and with rich vitamin complexes and at an affordable price. All in one small, convenient package that will always be at hand!

The development of Beauty & Pharma Dermaceuticals products continues and we are also waiting for the new Sun Care line with a new type of sun protection filters, which is an encapsulated mixture of organic and chemical filters that provide high UV protection, without irritating the skin.

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