Why do you need an antiseptic and how to make it yourself?

Why do you need an antiseptic and how to make it yourself?

How to make a sanitizer bottle at home

According to WHO:

  • ethyl alcohol 96% - 833 ml;
  • hydrogen peroxide - 41 ml;
  • glycerin 98% - 1.4ml.

The ingredients need to be mixed. By adding boiled or distilled water, the desired consistency can be achieved. The amount depends on how the antiseptic will be used in the future. For spray add 100ml of water. For the consistency of the gel, water needs less.

The resulting solution should be left for 72 hours. After 3 days, it is ready for use. The solution can be poured into any containers convenient for you. Carry one with you regularly.

The downside of this recipe is that mini hand sanitizer cannot be used often. Due to its composition, it greatly dries out the skin of the hands. Therefore, we have prepared another option. It is more gentle on the skin.

To prepare a hand sanitizer according to the instructions of the doctor of medical sciences Eliza Song, you will need:

What is meant by “part”? Any capacity that you use to measure substances. For example, a glass or cup. The main thing is to observe the ratio of components. Measure the amount of substances in the same, or in two similar containers. For example, glasses from one set.

The plus of such a sanitiser - efficiency and safety. As the second component, you can use YOFING gel. He does not dry the skin, but cares for it. It has a calming, softening and moisturizing effect. Restores natural elasticity.

Thanks to this, you can carefully treat your hands for 30 seconds, and not worry about the skin. This natural hand sanitizer protects against viruses and dryness.

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