My story: From short and damaged to strong, healthy and beautiful hair

My story: From short and damaged to strong, healthy and beautiful hair

More and more often we receive questions from desperate girls and women about how to act and save unhealthy hair so that they do not have to be shortened again, because they are already growing so slowly.

Breaking hair and despair

My story begins with the fact that I bleached my hair all the time and over time they began to fall out and the ends of the hair remained so brittle that even the length of the hair began to noticeably shorten. To avoid split ends I went to a hairdresser, who, of course, had only one solution. Trim the ends of the hair, respectively, shorten the length of the hair by 2-4 centimeters. I was not happy with that.

My attempts to solve the problem myself

I started getting hair treatment. I tried almost everything I could find, from budget cosmetics to professional cosmetics, which were available in Latvian salons. Something started to help a bit, but at the same time the hair got used to it in a month or two and thus the means were no longer effective. It took 5 years of my time and my hair is not growing yet, it is not breaking and it is not what I want. A lot of money was spent on hair products (about 1000 EURO per year) in the hope of finding the right product to save me from this situation. After realizing it, I really despaired. I categorically gave up hair coloring and straightening, so the hair started to get a little more lively, but even that was not the result I needed. I had given up restoring my hair by hand, I chose to grow it with the hope that my real hair would grow, but in the meantime I would walk with long hair now. It also turns out that this experience made me disappoint, the hair was too weak to be able to dare to wear the grown hair for a long time. The hair was damaged even more again. Well, I had to start from the beginning again, my eyes full of tears, I started watching wigs with a sore heart. Then I got pregnant and had to drink various vitamins (a standard thing for pregnant women) and the hair stayed shiny, strong and even started to grow again! I was very happy about that, because our hair is an honor, a pride and a piece of jewelry. Then it was the day (childbirth) my twins finally came into the world. AND THEN my biggest nightmare started. The hair lost all its shine, began to fall out at an unprecedented rate - in some places, spots even began to appear where there was practically no hair.

I considered to buy a wig immediately, but at the same time I discovered Israeli cosmetics.

I have been thinking for a long time, do I really need to take risks and spend money on hair care or finally give up and order a wig? The decision had to be made now! I am a natural beauty and health enthusiast, so I decided to give cosmetic products one last chance. So I became interested in cosmetics and looking for where to buy it. I chose the shampoo and hair mask produced by Yofing with hemp oil, these products I chose due to the positive feedback from real users in the world. I had read a lot of different reviews on the internet. Only one problem - I can't find where to buy these products in Latvia, as if it was not available in stores and I had to place an order from abroad, paying a significant delivery fee. I look forward to your order. It took two weeks or even more and I got the packet, opened the package and ran to take a shower. The softest aroma that I felt when I opened the bottle of shampoo was most evident in my memory. Then, pouring it into my palm, I see how different the contents of the bottle are compared to our usual shampoos. I started washing my hair and realized that the shampoo is practically non-foaming, which means that it is made without sulphates and is often designed as a lather. Sulphates are unhealthy - I have already understood so much from reading countless articles on hair care, apparently they damage our hair structure. While rinsing the shampoo, I realized that it rinses easily and the hair has become noticeably softer. I was very surprised by that. After using the shampoo, I applied a hair mask, kept it in my hair as indicated on the package.

While rinsing the mask, I was completely shattered. I was fighting for years, and finally I can finally pull my fingers between my hair without a hitch.

I came out of the shower, dried my hair and combed it and wondered that I comb my hair practically without any lost hair in it afterwords. I was really standing by the mirror, looking at my hair and wondering how they were shining and pulling my fingers through my hair to its full length, there were not even a handful of fallen hair. You can't even imagine how glad I was that at last after all these years and countless efforts I've found something that makes my hair shiny and light. After using Dead Sea cosmetics for a long time, I noticed that the hair has started to get longer, again another shock. Well now I can be proud of my hair length, if year ago my hair was up to my shoulders, then now it is already in the middle of my back.

Girls, during the year I have + 30cm at my hair length. I know that I am not the only one who has faced a similar situation. I can only wish to try, you will be pleasantly surprised.

This experience inspired me to trust Dead Sea cosmetics and the fact that it was not available in Latvia gave me the idea to distribute it to the Latvian market! That's how the Women store was created. Because if Israeli cosmetics helped me, it can help you too!

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