Men and cosmetics are completely compatible things !!!

Men and cosmetics are completely compatible things !!!

There is a belief that a man should be brutal, be proud of his scars and not necessarily use cosmetics! Let's leave these stereotypes for centuries ago! Nowadays, any self-respecting man has to take care of himself, because it is simply aesthetics and care for his body. Of course, you don't have to fall to the extremes, but the ladies will agree that it is nice to communicate with a man who has a well-groomed beard or a smooth shave, tidy hair and healthy facial skin! Unfortunately, society itself has created a prejudice that a man who uses cosmetics is feminine. Let's dispel these misconceptions!

Men's daily routine products can probably be called a small first-aid kit, but, one way or another - it is and remains cosmetics - shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, shaving foam, aftershave lotion and no hand cream for hands, feet and face! Immobility, work in hazardous conditions, stress, high-calorie diet, alcohol, and smoking cause increased skin oiliness, acne, dry skin, sensitivity, excess fluid accumulates on the facial skin, and bags under the eyes are formed. In order for a man to look good and have healthy skin, it is important to do sports, observe hygiene and take proper care of his facial skin. Male facial skin, like women's, requires thorough cleansing, protection and nourishment. Men's skin also suffers from environmental influences, working conditions, skin problems and injuries.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to some nuances of the ingridients composition! Dermatologists emphasize that a good skin rejuvenation cream must contain antioxidants (coenzyme Q10, selenium), vitamin complex (vitamins A, E and C) and fatty acids. One of the biggest problems for men is shaving, because shaving products often contain alcohol-containing components and are very irritating to the skin. If the skin is still dry, a rash may appear, and then you have to look for solutions again, so it is important to immediately choose cosmetics with the maximum gentle, healing composition, as well as cosmetics that do not contain parabens, silicones and chemically created fragrances.

Often men, when buying shower gels and shampoos, sin and choose according to price. However, over time, there are already visible consequences - retreating hairline, endless fight against dandruff (which is often irritated scalp), dry skin. All this can be avoided quite simply - by choosing quality instead of price!

Our store has also taken care of the choice of cosmetics not only for women, but also for men!

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