Beauty and pharma dermacuticals cosmetic - Fight the acne!

Beauty and pharma dermacuticals cosmetic - Fight the acne!

The cosmetic series of the Turkish dermatological laboratory is a good ally in the fight against acne at any age!

Acne is an inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue and is most commonly caused by hormonal imbalances that are particularly active in adolescence. Acne usually disappears at the end of puberty. However, it is also common among adults. The development of late acne is associated with the same biological processes as in the case of juvenile acne, it can also be caused by make-up, medication, stress, air pollution and also needs to be treated.

How can our cosmetics help?

Let's start with facial cleansing - gentle but deep - with clear deep facial foam, which contains salicylic acid - promotes faster separation of dead skin cells, stimulates the formation of new skin cells, reduces pore blockages, has antibacterial effects. Supplemented with vitamins C and B5, rose water and cucumber extract will give the skin strength to regenerate. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and proceed to the next step!

A gentle gel with allantoin, which occurs naturally in the fatty plant, so for centuries the fatty leaves and roots have been used to promote wound healing, reduce inflammation, rashes, reduce swelling and bleeding after bruising. Supplemented with vitamins and lactic acid - a component of the natural moisturizing factor, which not only helps maintain the skin's moisture balance, but also regulates its acid-base balance (pH) and thus controls the spread of bacteria.

And, of course, an invisible helper if an unexpected rash appears - a serum that we use only at the necessary point!

As the skin is somewhat dehydrated to better fight the acne, it is highly recommended to use a moisturizing gel after the procedure - which contains 5% Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, vitamin PP and nicotinamide, is a water-soluble vitamin that acts on the skin's natural microflora to help visibly reduce pores, improve skin tone. Niacinamide also reduces environmental damage to the skin, as it can improve the skin barrier (it is the first line of defense) as well as eliminates the signs of existing skin damage.

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