Facial skin care is the rule for beautiful, well-groomed and healthy facial skin!

Facial skin care is the rule for beautiful, well-groomed and healthy facial skin!

The first procedure to be done twice a day is cleansing. In order for the skin of the face to be able to breathe, it must be cleaned of excess oil, dirt, sweat and dead skin cells. Mild cleansing foams or gels will refresh you in the morning. In the evening, when you need to remove make-up from your face, use cleansing milk. We remind you that it is no less important to use all the products you use on the face, use on the skin of the neck up to the décolleté area to. The neck is also exposed to as much external factors as the facial skin, so it should be washed, moisturized and pampered just like the facial skin.

The next step in the skin care process would be toning. Although you have often heard that it is an unnecessary luxury, let's explain why it is necessary. The tonic removes excess cleansers, as well as prepares the skin for the application of moisturizing cream and closes the pores. Some tonics also have pH balancing and antiseptic properties. The toner should be applied immediately after cleansing the face until it is completely dry. It is best to use a cotton ball moistened with tonic.


Peeling is what you need just sometimes. This will help to maximally remove the dead skin layer, smooth out wrinkles, cleanse pores, help avoid acne problems and provide a pleasant smooth skin effect. Of course, depending on the sensitivity of the skin, we recommend choosing products of appropriate consistency.

Pampering your skin with nourishing face masks is another step in your daily facial routine that is not used every day. After the skin is thoroughly cleansed, at least once a week we apply a pleasant face mask to nourish the deeper layers of the skin. For this pleasant procedure, you should definitely choose a product that suits your skin type and needs.

In turn, moisturizing the skin is one of the integral parts of the daily ritual. Whether you prefer a cream, lotion, gel or oil, the product of choice must fulfill its function of protecting and moisturizing the skin throughout the day. Therefore, especially in the summer season, it should be chosen with the included SPF15.

Of course, the use of any cosmetic product alone will not be able to provide radiant facial skin and great well-being. It must work in conjunction with internal self-care. The first thing to look out for is the amount of water you drink. They should be about 1.5 - 2 liters per day. Coffee, black tea and alcohol promote dehydration. Do not do without outdoor activities. Everything we eat will also be reflected on the skin. For example, one apple a day will help slow down the skin's aging process. This fruit contains a lot of vitamin C, which keeps the skin firm and gives it an internal glow. Lemons also contain large amounts of vitamin C, which is needed for collagen synthesis. Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, which is vital in the formation of new skin cells. And no less important is to often change the pillowcase and wash cosmetic brushes sponges and other beauty tools.

Be beautiful!

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