Coconut shimmer oil

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100% coconut oil made from fresh coconut pulp. First cold pressed coconut oil, unrefined.

Coconut oil is filled with shimmering particles that reflect light and give the skin a gentle glow. Coconut oil is perfectly absorbed without leaving a sticky feeling. The oil nourishes the skin of the body by nourishing and moisturizing it. Thanks to coconut oil, the skin gets a chocolate tan.

  • intensive hydration;
  • restoration of skin elasticity;
  • smoothing effect;
  • soft and velvety skin;
  • charming, subtle glow.

Pure coconut oil begins to solidify at <24 ° C. The dispenser also allows the use of hardening oil. Ingredients: 100% coconut oil made from fresh coconut pulp and cosmetic pearl.
How to use: Shake well before use. Massage the oil until it is completely absorbed. Suitable for daily use and sunbathing. Volume: 230 ml

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