Coconut oil - a proven value in skin care for centuries

Coconut oil - a proven value in skin care for centuries

PALM 100% natural coconut oil - cold pressed, unrefined, without impurities. As simple as nature itself!

From ancient times, the oil was widely used by the Pacific Islanders, the Indians used coconut oil to care for their luxurious hair curls, and even the famous Cleopatra used it in her baths with donkey milk and coconut oil! An oil that has been a proven skin care product for centuries.

Cold-pressed oil is the most suitable for cosmetics, because the oil obtained in this way retains all microelements and active substances to the maximum. In composition, the oil resembles the fat produced by the skin glands, so the skin accepts them well. Coconut oil is rich in macro and trace elements: potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, manganese, copper, selenium and zinc, as well as a lot of vitamins A, C, E, D and B and several amino acids and fatty acids .

Coconut oil will definitely take the first place on your cosmetic pedestal! It will be useful in the winter frost and wind, and in the hot summer sun, deeply nourishing and protecting the skin. It evens out small skin imperfections, making it smooth and velvety. It will get rid of split hair ends, giving them shine and will also help strengthen the hair roots, which will prevent them from falling out. Coconut oil will also be a good helper for both expectant and new mothers!

Did you know what products can be completely replaced by coconut oil: lip balm, before and after sun cream, hair mask, body lotion, cuticle oil, hand cream, foot cream, makeup remover, massage oil, baby skin care oil, anti-stretch mark cream and many more! The use of natural coconut oil is also a great aromatherapy. With the first drop of oil you will reach the seashore, hot sun and white sand. The delicate aroma of coconut will relieve the stress and fatigue accumulated during the day and turn daily procedures into a relaxing beauty ritual.

As for the consistency of the oil - it begins to thicken below 24 ° C, but without panic! This indicates the high quality of the oil. For this reason, a wooden stick is included in the set. It will melt as soon as it comes in contact with your skin. However, if you want to melt it, do it gently - on average in a 26 ° C water bath. Never heat in appliances or in a boiling water bath!

Little advise - cold-pressed oils will definitely be more expensive, because in this way less oil is obtained than by extracting and processing raw materials at high temperatures. If the oil does not solidify, then it contains very little coconut oil. The rest will be either mineral or some other, possibly also vegetable oil. This oil will not be recommended for hair or skin. Therefore, always evaluate the product references carefully!

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