Coconut oil

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100% coconut oil made from fresh coconut pulp. First cold pressed coconut oil, unrefined.

First cold pressed oil, unrefined. Unrefined virgin coconut oil. A transparent bottle with a unique dispenser is packed in a branded box for protection from direct sunlight. Includes a wooden stick for solid state oil use.The oil is made from fresh coconut pulp by cold pressing. This allows you to preserve most of the beneficial trace elements. The production is located in Vietnam at the leading enterprise in the industry. Pure coconut oil begins to solidify at <24 ° C. The dispenser also allows the use of hardening oil. Ingredients: 100% coconut oil made from fresh coconut pulp. How to use: More than 50 ways to use oil. (Makeup remover, Anti-acne, Care for dull skin, Sunburn, Prevents stretch marks, For massage, Care for minor wounds, Moisturizing lips, Moisturizing hair, Antibacterial face mask, Body care, Preventing wrinkles, Oral hygiene, etc) Volume: 230 ml

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