Prickly pear cactus in cosmetics is a real miracle cure!

Prickly pear cactus in cosmetics is a real miracle cure!

You may not think of the desert as a source of skin care ingredients, but dry conditions require that the plants really retain moisture and protect themselves from the sun very well. Prickly Pear is a plant of the cactus family, which has many different names, such as Indian pear, barbarian fig. The main countries in which they are grown are South America, Mexico and Morocco. Cactus oil has found widespread use in cosmetology and is called the precious metal. If we talk about the disadvantages, the only thing is that it is not cheap. It is expensive to use in its pure form, so it is added to various beauty products. This plant and oil obtained from its seeds is unique because it contains linoleic acid, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the body and is successfully used in cosmetology, providing skin-friendly substances, in addition, they contain groups of vitamins E, F, A, C and BB . In addition to the rejuvenating effect, it helps protect the skin and hair from the sun's rays.

Cactus oil is also successfully used for hair care. You can improve hair growth, they will become stronger, it will restore dull, fragile and dry hair. Due to its properties, cactus extract allows the hair to turn on the absorbed moisture and retain it for a long time.

Cosmetics with cactus extract have been proven to be suitable for even the most sensitive skin. You will find some variations of this cactus in skin care products. One is a moisturizing and nutrient-rich extract made from the fruit and cactus flesh itself, and the other is oil obtained by cold pressing the seeds. The flesh of the cactus is filled with water and electrolytes, and since the cactus have to go without water for a long time, they are natural experts in blocking hydration. Due to its soothing properties, it is especially ideal for those with acne-prone, dry, sensitive or inflamed skin. The process of obtaining fruit from seeds is a long process that can take three to four days. It is a manual operation and the season lasts only a few months. It is worth noting that half a ton of this cactus fruit produces only one liter of seed oil. Each seed contains only 5% oil, and it is this combination of factors that makes cactus oil one of the most expensive beauty oils in the world. Cactus oil contains the largest amount of vitamin E from any other beauty oil on the market. In fact, it contains 150% more vitamin E than argan oil. This oil is also very rich in essential fatty acids, including omega 6 and 9, antioxidants, polyphenols, amino acids and vitamin K.

 Cactus oil is high in essential fatty acids, which help soothe inflammation and redness, especially for those who are prone to rosacea. This oil contains effective and powerful antioxidants known as betaline, which are red and yellow pigments found in plants. It contains the highest amount of betaine than any other plant, including beets, goji berries and acai. These super antioxidant pigments help protect the skin from various types of harmful radicals that would otherwise contribute to the formation of wrinkles. The oil also contains vitamin K, helps to illuminate  hyper pigmentation. The fatty acid profile of linoleic acid and oleic acid replenishes lost lipids in the skin, which helps to moisturize and restore skin elasticity. The high content of linoleum acid, about 62%, ensures the improvement of even the most dehydrated skin.

So it turns out that in the most fertile place on Earth, in the desert, you can find the most powerful survival specialist, a super plant - a cactus!

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